Saturday, April 6, 2013

Summer Breeze makes me feel fine

Very excited to be working on some new designs, well not entirely "MY" design, my latest project is a vest for this Spring/Summer . I got a Vogue Vintage pattern from the 70's and thought it would be a perfect come back for accessorizing on  a dress, top or braving it alone...though I wouldn't,  I'm sure some gals would have no problem.
The color combination I chose , I know isn't very "springy" or" Summery", I don't necessarily always feel that just because it's Summer we all should wear Yellows and  Oranges to go with the's really whatever strikes your fancy and these colors did just that for me.
I will, however, be putting some up on my Etsy site soon, full of Light and fun Summer prints.
I sort of chose this Mushroom print as a sort of last minute for the straps, I think it worked well...I really love it actually.
I'll be posting some pictures of when I wear this little vest to show different ways you can wear it over your favorite pieces. Oooh! and there are some other pieces in the pattern, that make for lovely knit vests and leather...I'll be experimenting with those as well. In the meantime, I have to go clock in to work only I could sew all day and night.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

New place new plants and more

I feel that in the past 2 years my life has taken me all over the place. I try and stick to one thing and the more I hold on the more I get pushed back. Oh it's nothing bad, I'm speaking more in terms of making a permanent home.
So I moved to MO, had a house by the lake then moved to my boyfriends mothers house and now I'm in the heart and soul of Kansas City in some type of old brick building you'd find in NYC for the price of a house, but not having to pay that absurd amount.
It's clean and cozy and I get to start from scratch.
I have been reluctant to get back into blogging, as I had began to post almost daily a few years ago when I started, I began to make connections with beautiful people who shared the same views or aesthetics In life. Then I started to drift away and completely stopped blogging or reading other blogs.
I miss that, maybe it's winter that makes it painful to dress up and blog about your day, whatever it is, I feel happy to be back.
I started reading some other blogs today and I felt warm and fuzzy all over again, like when you discover something for the first time.
I treated myself to a better camera and slowly started to play around with it. It's sort of sporadic the way my moods take me to picking up the camera and taking pictures, but this last set I had fun and I'm very pleased with , enough to share them.
Hoping my new designs will emerge if I keep this blogging thing up....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall fall come and play!

How uninteresting of me to post just these two pictures but it's all I have for the moment. I just realized too that I miss reading blogs as well as writing them.

And how strange for me to really anticipate the coming of Fall since I Love Summer so so very much. But I guess really, it has to do with some new fabric I acquired for a new dress I shall make! Even though I work from home , I can't seem to use my time off to sew, oh and lack of fabric , but that will no longer be an issue ! Thanks to my friend in LA :)

My little kitties keep me completely distracted too, so yeah there's another beautiful reason. I think I also enjoy not having bugs fly around me while I try to enjoy a meal or drink by the lake.

Here's to fall and the many beautiful things to come!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Kittens and Lot's of Love

I have to warn you about this post, if you are not into cats, kittens or cuteness then this is not for you. Those who love these little felines as much as I do, I think you will be pleased and should proceed.
Like I said in my last post, I have been without cats for quite sometime, since I was 18 ,when I moved out and went on my own .Other than that, I have had cats all my life, since I was a wee baby. I supposedly befriended and tamed the meanest cat of them all. The Black cat , who, for silly supersticious reasons, people would usually avoid and fear.
 There is just this gentle connection I have had all my life with these furballs, I just can't understand people who are not into them...we can't be friends if you aren't into them, j/k but I have been known to convert non cat lovers into big time lovers. For example ,my hunny didn't think he cared for them, now he's crazy for them. Well who wouldn't be? Really.

Why is it that dogs make me oh so nervous? I used to have dreams of being chased by them and then there's also that chance that they can attack you viciously. But I love all animals and I'm not here to say which ones are better, just saying which ones I connect with more.
 When I moved out to Missouri I had decided it was time to finally get a cat. When I had found a cat to adopt by a local family, they suddenly changed their minds and my heart was broken. Then out of the blue I saw an ad for kittens needing a new home, tried not to get too excited cos I didn't want to end up being dissapointed all over again. It seemed like an eternity to wait for them, but they're here now and I could not be happier. Not only did we get 2 but I was even more happy to be able to have a brother and sister together in a new loving home. Our home!
Okay, enough of my endless blubbering, because I could really go on FOREVER but I'll spare you, and simply post pictures and let them speak for themselves.
Oh yeah,  That's  "Bruja" above and "Papas" below

It's Kitty heaven over here!

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a Macrame World!

Okay, so maybe it is for me at least. You know when you always want to do/learn something but put it off for no real good reason? Well, case being with Macrame plant holders for myself. Everytime I would see it in a house or pictures from the 70's I would tell myself "yes! exactly how I would adorn my house, full of plants and sweet sweet macrame" . I would go to thrift stores hoping to find some but never came across any but didn't dare to think I could learn to just make it myself, until now.
I had always just assumed you needed  great tieing and knot knowledge and other such complicated tools BUT you DON'T! It's surprisingly easy and fun. I mean, this is the basic 10 knot plant holder but it works beautifully nonetheless and I'm hooked!

I even improvised and took out some old wooden plain beads I normally use for my doll heads and painted them, and added to my hangers for a bit more decoration. Now I have Ivy, Mariglod and other plant types hanging outside and inside my house and all done in just 2 days. I took two days because I went out and bought some of these plants and some hemp cording, fortunately I had a necklace and bracelet set with copper rings that I took apart to use for of the  rings to hang from, that's all you really need.

I had also started to plant my favorite flowers, ranunculus, but without any idea squrrels would be digging up the bulbs ,thinking there are nuts in there. Everyday I kept trying to put the bulbs back in, hoping they would eventually stop but the pesky things kept at it, so I put a plant macrame holder over the pot and alas it has been left alone and they are finally starting to grow!
Not sure If I had mentioned before that I was going to be getting a cat but suddenly the owner changed her mind , I was heart broken...I had went out and bought everything from toys to cat litter and food and even a little play tent only to take it all back. However, after all that sad news about a week ago we were driving and stopped by the local Vet Clinic and through the window saw someone posted they had kittens to give away, and yes, I went to look at them and they were perfectly beautiful! They were only 2 weeks old, so I'll have to wait a few more weeks to get them, but I will be getting 2, a brother and sister with thee most fantastic black tyger stripes! Just as I am dancing with joy and talking non stop about getting kittens, this Momma cat outside our back porch is mewoing. I don't know if she is feral or the neighbors cat, but she came right over to me and was starving for affection. She even tried coming into my house, but I'm careful about fleas and ticks and other such things that could possibly be brought indoors. I have enough trouble keeping out all sorts of spiders and mosquitos trying to come in with this humid lake weather. I have been without cats for such a long time and being a total Cat lover this has been hard for me.
So , I'm just a very happy girl at the moment. New kitties and macramé , I'll have to celebrate with some raspberry tea cookies and by painting my nails a fun new color :)
Hope to read some new posts from my favorite people out there!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hearts, New Dress and a lost turtle

It's funny to see how much I rely on these funny little apps, I used to swear up and down I would never ever be that girl. Well, here I am, excited that a new feature effect has been added .
So excuse me if you see all my pictures, for a while ,adorned with them, they just make me feel happy.

I'm used to working off my mannequin or directly from patterns to make my clothes, wrong measurements and wasting fabric have kept me from venturing further. Since my mannequin is in LA and I don't have many patterns left, I decided to manipulate patterns and add some creativity into the making. So I was relieved when this dress , though simple,literally fit me like a glove! Sometimes not having the right tools help you discover clever and fun ways to go about it instead.
Much hard work and fun lay ahead for me but I'm really appreciative of this free time I have to make things.

Is anyone else out there having heaping amounts of turtles all over the place? I find out every time we take a drive or stroll, some poor turtle has lost its way. They are so cute to see , hopefully they all make it back to their homes safely :)
Still have not gone to new fabric store, where I have been told many treasures await me, but when I do I will be surely making an insane amount of tops and dresses, hmmm maybe skirts too!
It's been a very fun day , now a cup of tea and Jim Henson's "The Storyteller" will be a great way to see me off into the night.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Breeze

I told you this weather inspires me! I made 2 more dreamy, summer dresses and a crop top, soon to be added to my shop.
I'm so excited to hunt for more fabric and wear my designs out.
Here are a few pictures, though I haven't properly taken pictures of them, I think you get the idea.
They are fun and comfortable halter tie dresses, so easy to wear and feels great on, trust me, with this heat rolling in these are refreshing and stylish to have on.
I'm going to celebrate by making brownies with some strawberries on the side :) beautiful day !