Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just begun is my journey...

Are these pants the raddest or what?!  Did I mention I am moving?  I will have my very own sewing work station,  so that means some major sewing to come.  I have kept incredibly busy,these rad  Mod trousers, yeah, I  made them!!! Very proud indeed and I might add I have one very stoked customer! He's already requesting 2 a month!

Check out these cool belt loops! The tricky part for me was the zipper, ooooh the zipper! But with practice I shall master it someday. Since this was my first time making any pants since Design school I had to take a while figuring out things and grading to my friend's size proved to be a huge challenge but my hard labor certainly paid off in the end. And what was my background music you ask for these past few days while working on these? Only the best  compilation of songs from 60's Spanish bands that my wonderful friend made for me. One of my favorite bands from the CD is Los Brincos- OMG check em out! Their melodies are so damn catchy!

It's so exciting  to be working on something new, menswear will be something I will keep working on for sure, especially if it's styled 60's and I have a guy who loves prints and appreciates vintage styles, that would be just too damn wonderful for me. If you know some hip , mod freak beat guy out there who would like custom made trousers like the ones above tell them about me! I want to work more on these and I know you cannot find these type of pants out there, the cut is true to it's time.

 I  have also kept busy making these feather earrings, hell yeah! I put these up on my etsy shop too so check them out. The turq and coral silver piece one is actually really hard for me to put up to sell , that particular piece I bought when I was in Spain many a years ago so it not only is a beautiful piece but has major sentimental value. So, it's not cheap!

Thought I'd post one last picture of the pants....they made mamma proud. So , I also forgot to say how cool my friend is, whom I made these for, he's actually into the whole mod scene hardcore and will take these out dancing to his DJ 60's night! I will get pictures and post them up for their grand debut. I should go and finish packing now...ugh but at the same time YAY! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fresh off the sewing machine!

Yeah that's right, fresh off the machine and already in my etsy shop! I had posted before when I was working on this dress and was having a hard time with that very sharp angle in the front but I got around it, learned a trick or two and voila!

I was pretty reluctant to let this one go and not keep it for myself but I think i will make another one in this same exact style but different prints. I just loved the fit ansd style so much. I really love how the sleeves are kimono but run into the bodice with a different print, I think the contrast is pretty freaking bad ass!

Then there is this cute little reversible bolero lace shrug. Ahhh, i just love  the fit and how it's 2 in 1! You get the choice of Ivory w/embroidered lace or below the more delicate Ivory Lace

This idea was too cute that I had to make one in a totally different fabric- woven and more dressy for the more sophisto types out there. Well, I really just fell in love with the Jewel toned colors of the Teal and Ruby on each side.

I'm not too conventional when it comes to designing, as far as  seasons go. I don't choose colors based on the season, I can very well make a bright canary yellow dress for winter or a dark Grey dress for summer. It all just depends on my mood and what fabrics catch my eye. However, since our winter here is so mild it will be nice to begin working on slightly different fabrics, more sweater knits, maybe turtle necks? I'm looking a little forward to chilly weather but so long as it stays sunny!
I  like the picture below, it's a church where me and my best friend used to walk by when we were in high school .I like the boarded up windows,  spooky!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lot's of Booze, Lot's of rambling

Well it's easier than waiting round to die...

Been listening to too much Townes Van Zandt and had those lyrics stuck in my head at the moment- nothing to really do with this post, except that it's great music to sew to : )

Short little update on my latest project, this might be one of my favorite dresses so far. It's very sweet and romantic. Not quite finished yet, stil have lace to add to hem and put in other sleeve but it's coming along exactly how I initially envisioned . I can't wait to put it up in my shop with some proper pictures! I mostly love that it's sheer so a nice slip can be worn underneath it to give an even more sweeeet touch : )

As the climate is changing, thankfully it's still Summer weather(sort of) here, at least this weekend, I am going to continue to make my dresses reflect that-Holding on to it for as long as I possibly can. I am, however, already putting together some fun Sweater knit dress ideas for the fall!

Off to paint my nails and go out to enjoy this beautiful sunny weather!