Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ballroom of Mars

High time I got back on here. What's happened?A lot of good and bad but that's everyone's story. I moved into a Rad Victorian house, I have been making mettalic leggings and I have had boy problems. Take it with a grain of salt right?
 Instead of ranting about the awful and dispicable things or trying to offer explanations as to why the universe decides to change my life constantly, thought I would just fill this post with pictures of all my new designs. Nothing new to some of you who are FB friends. So here it is

I made all the tops and pants , plus on the last pic with the embroidered mesh flounce top, I made this Suede skirt but you can't really see it , guess I will have to do another shoot for that. I'm not stopping there, I have more coming . I have also sold 2 of my designs! yay!!! Will post pics of that soon too. Very encouraging. I forgot to mention that my Rad friend Emily modeled with me on this Joshua Tree Shoot, It's nice to see other people wearing your designs.
Much Love to you all.