Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'd Like to try and read your palm...

Hello Bloggy!
I have not had the immense energy to update, although I have been making some new designs here and there that I hope to share with you soon. So who is this cutie pictured above? My cousins little "Bandit", who has been keeping me comapny through my stay at my aunts place before moving, yes moving to Missouri!I leave in about a week.

I am making some rapid and impulsive decisions but for the better. I have a nice little house with my great new boyfriend : ) right by a lake and so I feel there will be lots to update and new inspiration coming through in the next few months of my life. For the time being, I'm still in transition mode, so not too much to actually show at the moment. I have been really excited reading everyones blog and taking comfort that not much has changed.

Yay! Now off to paint my nails and listen to some music.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ballroom of Mars

High time I got back on here. What's happened?A lot of good and bad but that's everyone's story. I moved into a Rad Victorian house, I have been making mettalic leggings and I have had boy problems. Take it with a grain of salt right?
 Instead of ranting about the awful and dispicable things or trying to offer explanations as to why the universe decides to change my life constantly, thought I would just fill this post with pictures of all my new designs. Nothing new to some of you who are FB friends. So here it is

I made all the tops and pants , plus on the last pic with the embroidered mesh flounce top, I made this Suede skirt but you can't really see it , guess I will have to do another shoot for that. I'm not stopping there, I have more coming . I have also sold 2 of my designs! yay!!! Will post pics of that soon too. Very encouraging. I forgot to mention that my Rad friend Emily modeled with me on this Joshua Tree Shoot, It's nice to see other people wearing your designs.
Much Love to you all.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Harlot

I have been busy!!! These photos were recently taken so I can put them up on my shop, still no "actual" sale as of yet but it's def great getting feedback from people at any rate. Some of these styles you have already seen, like the above Reversible  Lace Bolero Shrug but decided to snazz it up a bit. Other designs are entirely new here, stuff i just finished this week.

Like the above Victorian inspired lace top,I went a bit ballsy w that one and thought I might approach it with a "less modest" look. It will be a part of my new , much anticipated line of "leather and lace" ! 
And alas i have snagged someone else to model some of my designs!!! This is my saucesome friend Janet totally rockin my glam rock ribbed lurex dress. I am also going to work on this line in ode to the fab Bowie, T-Rex, Eno.., you know just glitter and glam radness!

Of course I will always have the softer Boho dresses, I cannot let go of my fascination with chiffons. I just love how wonderfully whimsical they can flow on the body. This is just a small preview , I should have by the end of the week, all these goodies up on my etsy shop.

Another Chiffon dress, long sleeve w yoke front. A full fledged dress on my model here but on me it's really a tunic.

 This was my Smocked dress I worked on last year in the summer and somehow forgot all about it. Yes. Chiffon dah-lins.
This is a button back little 50's retro top I made 2 days ago for myself. I might hold on to that one a little longer before putting up on the shop.

This one is a baby doll chiffon dress that I just adore! I used a belt because somehow I ended making this one bigger than my normal sizing.

Ah yeah...this is actually the top version of the dress my friend is modeling above! I loved this design so much I had to have a dress and top version.

So while I have more ideas and fabrics running through my head I am now getting more requests from friends, friend of friends for Menswear! Ahhhh...I don't know how I'm gonna fit all this in at the same time but I am sooo excited to take it ALL on! It's really amazing how a lot of these guys are really just as into their fashion as we are but how very little options they have. They don't obviously get all the variety we females get at the stores and even worse at the thrift stores  ! You can imagine how excited they get when they hear I am making trousers , tailors are scarce now a days so I think I might just concentrate and maybe take a few classes on tailoring to fully submerge on this much needed lost art. Yay! let's see what this brings on for the new year!!! Thank you all for the support and encouragement, it has been way too amazing these past 6 months! I have also been obsessively listening to Tim Buckley, so I wonder what designs will develop out of this...?!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Inspiration Information

So I have been doing a lot since I last posted here but I think so much that I haven't had the time to really sit still or I just haven't had  the patience to post. I put together a little collage of a tiny glimpse of what I would like to work with, design wise for this new year. Well, the Gold nail polish is really just my own personal indulgence but the rest are items I really want to incorporate into designs.

There's always been this ancient Egytptian lure for me and I thought why not be extravagant with some bold gold pieces? I'm thinking of emulating what looks like an elaborate gold necklace but is really on your top as a sort of mock turtleneck, or something or other. Embroidery, that's always been in my heart of love, but battenburg lace! Now that has recently seeped into my heart and I have ideas to use it! Seersucker, again this has always been on my list of favorites but it's so darn hard to find printed(not striped) fabric of this kind. I also would like to use more brocade trim, again that will be another novelty I will be using...I think I'm just feeling really regal this year : ) and lastly Suede, ahhhh its soft and incredibly nice to work with. I would like to ideally find some eyelet suede for some skirts.

On a more personal note, I spent Christmas and New Year's in the crazy snowed in East Coast for almost 2 weeks. Was a long time to be away from LA but it was so lovely to see my family. While i was at my mothers I went through some old pictures and felt so happy to find, what was to me, little treasures of a time that seemed so peaceful and magical, I guess that's what most childhoods feel like. That's me at my baptism w my Godparents-Mom's brother and sis.
Above is me(on the bench) w my sis. These pictures were taken in Guatemala, I lived there until I was 5. My sis is wearing one of the traditional indigenous outfits of the region my parents lived in at the time called "Tamau"

This I my amazing mom holding me when I was a baby. Seeing pictures of my mother in her younger years makes me realize how much alike we really are.

And this is how much snow was at my mom's! I definitely did not have the proper attire for this weather but I don't own any heavy coats or jackets. I did fail to mention the whole time I was there I was sick, first w a stomach flu then a cold-one that I still have right now and is taking a while to get over. It was fun and worth it. Now I begin the process of collecting my new ideas and putting them to work. Now, off to make some more hot tea :  )