Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring is in!

Hello! And what another beautiful, warm, pleasant day we are having here. So much that I have had breakfast outside and have been here since, well I did a little cleaning and showered but you get the idea.
Keith and I spent the entire night last night, outside drinking el Vino and chatting, though I'm usually a scardy cat when it get's dark out here, I felt perfectly fine, nevermind the huge unseen bugs that would fly past my hair. It was all too perfect and nothing was to spoil it.

While in VA I found some great items, such as this ditsy floral 70's print. I plan to make a beautiful summer dress out of it. Returning home, i found a belt and a pair of earrings from the 50's!

And this, my Winter doll...
 And some unfinished watercolor

Everywhere around flowers are springing up, YAAY!
I hear it get's super green out here, I can't wait for that! And i can't wait to go buy plants to hang all around the outside and inside of our house. I grew up with plenty of greens as a child, my  mother adores plants and would always get mad at us kids when we would pinch the leaves

or hurt them in anyway. I guess now I'm just like her.
 Although I do love flowers, I may stay away from planting them around our yard, I get nervous around bees. I think they are beautiful but have had one too many stings to sit comfortablly around them.
For the rest of the day I think I'll watercolor some more and maybe sew up a new dress. Here I go!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rosa rosa !

So is anyone else going crazy for rose water products? Because i am and i cant seem to get enough!
I found this product by Thayer's which is an alcohol free toner made of witch hazel but now they have a new line of rose water, lavender , and cucumber. Did I get them all? Yes please!
It's so refreshing, especially with these lovely, lovely warm days we have been having.
There's also this rose water tint I have been wearing for years that I love , you can tint your cheeks and lips and it looks perfectly natural.
Lastly , this eye shadow, though not made from rose it is made of sunflower and evening primrose, how cool is that?!
In ode to this beautiful and perfect sunny and breezy day, i decided to have my lunch with Keith outside. Indian food was made,cupped with some fresh iced tea. We stayed outside several hours after talking of buying a row boat and having picnics. I do admit I was afraid of one or two wasps that were circling around us but I guess they were hungry and enjoying the weather too.
I hope everyone makes the best out of their day.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Blood feels the dance

Well here I have finally taken the pictures for my new items for my Etsy shop. All this free time and I didn't get around to it  til now, I know, I know a lot of people wish they could have a week off and what they wouldn't do with that free time! I'm sorry, I lagged but I'm back at it again, and to my defense the weather hasn't permitted much of anything lately.
I'm still shopping around these parts for lovely things, I cannot wait to put up some of the recent things I have bought, they are sooo fantastic!!! Okay, well I think they are and I think someone out there will too.
I never thought that taking pictures and uploading could be so time consuming, I'm not complaining either as I enjoy every minute of it.
So here are some of my personal items I am sadly departing with but out with the old and in with the new (well sort of)
More to come soon!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tattooed your past all over me

I have been lucky enough to have experienced many lovely days with friends , family and pets these past few weeks.
It was a whirlwind of a ride going through haunted 16th century houses and cemeteries. Trudging through the snow, making a video with my beloved friend from LA who came to visit me. Then it was off to VA and MD babysitting nephews and niece ,cats and dogs.
Spending time with my mother, ah I may have gone a bit camera happy but who wouldn't ?!
So I leave you to it , my photographic account of these past few weeks, in no special order of course.
Now I am off to catch up on your blogs!