Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Te estoy Amando Locamente

This is my Mamma, isn't she a hot little Latin fox! I have always adored her style and looks when she was around my age, she looks fab even today, which I should find a picture and post up. We are very similar in our wild and whimsical dreaming. Everytime I do a little doodle, I always seem to make her just like my mom. She is a great inspiration to me and I adore her to pieces! I must find her hippy dippie ones too : )above and below is one of my favorite places to visit in Guatemala, where both my parents and I were  born in. This is Panajachel and although this picture was taken last year, precisely this month , I thought I might throw it in here since I never did post pictures from my trip. If you ever go to Guatemala make sure to hit this spot.My main reason for this post, not only to show off my beautiful mother but to show you some of my recent little art work, inspired by her and other water color ideas I have seen.I had cut some water color paper about 7 months ago when I was with my ex with the idea of having a little showcase of my mini watercolor art hanging on a wall or window. Since I have moved ALL of my things back into my apartment, I thought I would add 3 more mini master pieces(yeah right) and hang  up in my bedroom window. It actually cheers me up to look at it from my bed. A more detailed look of my fav little ladiesI also wanted to show you  my little trapped fairy in a bottle I made long ago, which looks so cute on my tv, she took forever to put inside! So she's trapped for life, sorry.And below I found thee perfect spot for my latest dead dollie
Oh yes, and a more darker, vixen momma : ) One more thing, did I mention I was taking the train?! Going up North...I'm terribly excited about that too- How frightfully Romantic!!!!
: )

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Love you take is equal to the Love you make

Hello! After much, much rest ,amazing friends and family I have been finding my energy back into creating and going back out to doing what I love the most. I want to thank all my wonderful and unbelievable readers who , with your kind words, helped me back , it truly meant the world to me and I admire each and every single one of you.Thank You so much for the support!
I beagn Friday by making my newest doll. I have long been wanting to work with a non stretch lace and picked up some scraps from my bin and made her dress and veil.She was actually a lot of fun to work with. I enjoyed very much hand stitching her dress, I almost could feel her smiling with relief when she was all done and decked out with her new veil and flowers.My next project will be, of course, a Gypsy! That one I want to add little dangles around her waist , I'm really excited to begin her. I have thought about selling some of these, once I get better at it .Later that day I went outside of my apartment and picked these cute little flowers to add to my vase in my room. The next morning I dashed off with my friends to Moonstone beach for a little relaxation. Along the way we stopped by to get some fresh starwberries. They were absolutely delicious, we must have bought 5 little boxes, you can never have too many with your travels. Then it was off to get some warm yummy food at Anderson's Pea Restaurant and I can tell you I'm not much for the peas, but this pea soup was to die for! Thinking and seeing the picture now is making me hungry for another one.The view we had from inside was quite nice too, there was a little patio with seats and a gazebo, apparently they host weddings there too! Here is a peak of the viewSo after having our bellies full we headed out to our destination , I was the very first one to embrace the cold waterAnd yes, I was up to mu usual dare devil ways with the sea, as if my last experience didn't teach me something! But I assure you I stayed closer to the shore this time and was only out on dry rocksNext step after indulging yourself in the salty seas? Wine tasting! After a few drinks with good company, it was lovely to sit under this great big willow tree and rest for a bit against fresh cool grassIt was the perfect summer day. On the way back home we stopped at the loveliest scenic place we saw and chatted for a bitSo like the Sea, I can never help myself when I see a great big rock to sit on or climb on top of, it feels like it calls to me everytimeThe image below made me feel like Miranda in "Picninc at Hanging rock" the best movie ever made. Something unnatural and mystical was calling out to me and in a trance like state you just look and know there is somethingout there bigger than anything you could ever imagine