Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let the good times roll

Ahhh, home at last! Spent the last week in different places and have completely neglected my own little new home. I have been trying to figure out a style and logo that suits my Designs. Above I have 3 choices that I need you, my awesome stylish blogger friends, to help me decide which to go for....I'm still working on some other concepts but thought maybe one of these would be just so rad and perfect that I may not need other options?
I would LOVE to hear what anyone thinks...I would want to get labels made right away!
Other than that, it is going to take me a while to re organize my things at home and set up my sewing station, which btw I have this really cool idea to put on a fashion show at my place! All I can say is  that it will be called "Leather & Lace"  I am collaborating with a fellow designer friend...hoping this will come out as planned. Stay tuned !!!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Been through the desert on a horse with no name

The Desert!!! How is it, I ask myself, I  have not been out there before? To be exact, I'm talking about Joshua Tree. It started with  my totally cool friend mentioning how it was his favorite place in the world. He had been telling me for a while and on a whim we went and got there quite late so decided to head out another weekend and this time take some awesome pictures. Above is a little preview of a shot he took of me with one of my new designs. There are some AH-MAZING photos he took, which I will upload later on my Etsy shop and here.

The rest of the pictures were taken by my unprofessional hands, but nonetheless I think it captured just what I saw and felt...I was in total AWE. It was windy and not so warm but after a while I got used to it and really embraced the cold crisp clean air and felt at peace with the surrounding land. I felt like I was underwater or in some alien planet.

Sunsets are just glorious there, it got pretty damn cold by this time but I was  camera happy ! We are planning a big ol camp out soon, I cannot wait!!!

I wish I could post more pictures but I am leaving in 2 days to San Fran!!! and well, have so much to take care of before I leave that I won't have time to post those until I get back. I also have much to post about my new place! Also so excited and looking forward to swapping with the Beautiful Milla!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just begun is my journey...

Are these pants the raddest or what?!  Did I mention I am moving?  I will have my very own sewing work station,  so that means some major sewing to come.  I have kept incredibly busy,these rad  Mod trousers, yeah, I  made them!!! Very proud indeed and I might add I have one very stoked customer! He's already requesting 2 a month!

Check out these cool belt loops! The tricky part for me was the zipper, ooooh the zipper! But with practice I shall master it someday. Since this was my first time making any pants since Design school I had to take a while figuring out things and grading to my friend's size proved to be a huge challenge but my hard labor certainly paid off in the end. And what was my background music you ask for these past few days while working on these? Only the best  compilation of songs from 60's Spanish bands that my wonderful friend made for me. One of my favorite bands from the CD is Los Brincos- OMG check em out! Their melodies are so damn catchy!

It's so exciting  to be working on something new, menswear will be something I will keep working on for sure, especially if it's styled 60's and I have a guy who loves prints and appreciates vintage styles, that would be just too damn wonderful for me. If you know some hip , mod freak beat guy out there who would like custom made trousers like the ones above tell them about me! I want to work more on these and I know you cannot find these type of pants out there, the cut is true to it's time.

 I  have also kept busy making these feather earrings, hell yeah! I put these up on my etsy shop too so check them out. The turq and coral silver piece one is actually really hard for me to put up to sell , that particular piece I bought when I was in Spain many a years ago so it not only is a beautiful piece but has major sentimental value. So, it's not cheap!

Thought I'd post one last picture of the pants....they made mamma proud. So , I also forgot to say how cool my friend is, whom I made these for, he's actually into the whole mod scene hardcore and will take these out dancing to his DJ 60's night! I will get pictures and post them up for their grand debut. I should go and finish packing now...ugh but at the same time YAY! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fresh off the sewing machine!

Yeah that's right, fresh off the machine and already in my etsy shop! I had posted before when I was working on this dress and was having a hard time with that very sharp angle in the front but I got around it, learned a trick or two and voila!

I was pretty reluctant to let this one go and not keep it for myself but I think i will make another one in this same exact style but different prints. I just loved the fit ansd style so much. I really love how the sleeves are kimono but run into the bodice with a different print, I think the contrast is pretty freaking bad ass!

Then there is this cute little reversible bolero lace shrug. Ahhh, i just love  the fit and how it's 2 in 1! You get the choice of Ivory w/embroidered lace or below the more delicate Ivory Lace

This idea was too cute that I had to make one in a totally different fabric- woven and more dressy for the more sophisto types out there. Well, I really just fell in love with the Jewel toned colors of the Teal and Ruby on each side.

I'm not too conventional when it comes to designing, as far as  seasons go. I don't choose colors based on the season, I can very well make a bright canary yellow dress for winter or a dark Grey dress for summer. It all just depends on my mood and what fabrics catch my eye. However, since our winter here is so mild it will be nice to begin working on slightly different fabrics, more sweater knits, maybe turtle necks? I'm looking a little forward to chilly weather but so long as it stays sunny!
I  like the picture below, it's a church where me and my best friend used to walk by when we were in high school .I like the boarded up windows,  spooky!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lot's of Booze, Lot's of rambling

Well it's easier than waiting round to die...

Been listening to too much Townes Van Zandt and had those lyrics stuck in my head at the moment- nothing to really do with this post, except that it's great music to sew to : )

Short little update on my latest project, this might be one of my favorite dresses so far. It's very sweet and romantic. Not quite finished yet, stil have lace to add to hem and put in other sleeve but it's coming along exactly how I initially envisioned . I can't wait to put it up in my shop with some proper pictures! I mostly love that it's sheer so a nice slip can be worn underneath it to give an even more sweeeet touch : )

As the climate is changing, thankfully it's still Summer weather(sort of) here, at least this weekend, I am going to continue to make my dresses reflect that-Holding on to it for as long as I possibly can. I am, however, already putting together some fun Sweater knit dress ideas for the fall!

Off to paint my nails and go out to enjoy this beautiful sunny weather!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clara Clairvoyant

 Hello to all my lovely ladies!

I am very excited about what's been happening lately with my designs , it has been an absolute and wonderful time to be creative, I must say. The above design was to be a part of collaboration with an Artist friend of mine, I am to do a few pieces and he will put his magical artwork on them! But we decided instead of doing FULL pieces, I would do fronts only. Seeing that I had already made this one fully, I figured I would give you a sneeky peeky . I had originally wanted to do a Tragic/Romantic theme, with a lot of soft ruffled laces and rough fabrics, to give it the ultimate contrast. Here I go again with my OBSESSION of Picnic at Hanging Rock, always trying to build around that wonderful , haunting, spectacular movie!
Oh and I was super excited to get my very first sew on labels for my line! Yes, Crusheleptic is working hard on getting all designs out there to you.

 Above is a beautiful Summer Smocked dress I made a few days ago. I love smocking, it's fun for every type of size out there and definitely speaks 70's to me. I can't decide whether to add lining to it or let it stand in it's sheer, literally, presence...What do you think? I like light weight flowy fabrics, but some might not be brave enough to wear it without, do give me your opinion!Oh, and  this design is saturated with Nikki Sudden  , so her name is "String of Pearls"
This half way dress, is actually not done-obviously. It's a really cute mini dress, well on me it's sort of mini. I wanted to mix some of my favorite prints together, def boho inspired. I am having a hell of a time with the sleeves though, that sharp angle is sooo hard to sew! I have the other sleeve left and it's ready to go in my shop. My music soundtrack for this dress was a mix of Donovan and mando Diao...I decided to call her " Alcoholic Artist" once she's all done some fun photographs to follow with the story behind it.

My last new design to show you is the cutest Reversible Bolero Shrug. Yes, you get 2 for the price of one. I think these jewel toned colors are perfect for fall. My phone camera is not the best, so the colors don't come through so well in these pictures, but once I, or someone else, can model this, you will be able to see how rich and beautiful the colors and fabric are.

This picture was supposed to be at the very top with the "Picninc at Hanging Rock" inspired design, but it went out of order and I don't feel like messing with the settings right now. But yeah, basically a front view of the dress. Perhaps this one will go in my shop too, once it's been in my friend's Art Show. I actually might be wearing it the night of...we'll see. I'll def have pics when it takes place though.

One more thing I did forget to mention, I will be working on some custom trousers and button up shirts for my friend, who is very much into the whole "Mod" scene! So excited about that! I will have pictures up when I'm finished with those too, although something tells me I will have a bit more problems executing those than my regular dresses.

Until then!
Much Love to everyone.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I knew the sign you flew around

I call this dress "Bummer in the Summer" I was listening to a lot of LOVE music and inspired thoroughly by the album "forever Changes"
So I have a little preview for you of this Amazing photo shoot I did with the best photographer ever- Michel Lynch. I'm so thankful to be surrounded by such creative people and who I can collaborate artistically with . Check out his site at The photos came out so amazing and I am so proud to share them with you here.
Here is a sneak peek of my designs soon to be in my Etsy Shop!

This one is a half shot of a Missoni Crochet woven Lace, I picked out this particular lace for it's "pulp" appeal, reminded me of the good old Jarvis Ssasasexual dancing nights. So she is called "Lip gloss" , the lining is an awesome Magenta contrasting color that looks rad with the lace against it!This one is a 60's A -line type dress with pockets. Really fun zipper front, so easy to get into and out of. Again, this reminded me of Pulp with the colors and Jarvis-esque dancing, I named her "Razzmatazz"The below is my super maxi dress , aptly titled "Nightmare Hippie Girl" from the Beck song from way long ago. Although I made it much much later than when the song came out, it definitely was made in that same style and tone of the song. Hope you like my little preview, will have up on my shop soon but wanted to share with you a bit of what I have been working on!
XOXO Cynthia

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birds of a feather flock together!

I finally got around to putting 4 of my Dress Designs on Etsy! Although the pictures are somewhat un -profesh, they will do for now. I have, oh I don't know, about 8 more dresses to add but have no pictures. I would love for you lovies out there to please browse through my shop and recommend, if you will, to some friends who may be interested. I can also take special requests!

I am so excited to begin this new process of selling my designs! the fab thing, I think, is that each of these dresses are one of a kind, I don't have 2 of the same so you are guaranteed that! I know my sizes right now may be either too small or big for some out there but I will be working on different sizes, especially if requested!

It's a rather gloomy day in L.A. and though i had complained in the past about working under scorching temperatures designing and sewing, somehow this cool and glum weather is not motivating me to go near my sewing machine. Maybe later towards the night I will get moved, afterall I am more a late night owl.

I hope you all get to check out my shop, tons more to come!!!

XO Cynthia

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We were the kids that caused a commotion

It's been a long, long time since I have posted anything new- or at least it feels like it. So much has been happening that I haven't had time to make a proper compilation of all the photo adventures I have been having. Below is my newest Watercolor, I made this before going on my train trip up north.I don't know why I gave her a name, but maybe I was listening to too much Neil Diamond(I know, I like Neil Young better but the Diamond has his good ones too) and decided with Belinda. She is the first of my water colors to be named and I think last.Also, before leaving, I managed to finish a dress! He re is a picture of the finished product on my ghetto mannequin. I took it up to my trip with the intentions of wearing it but didn't get the chance to. Not to worry, for I have pictures at the very end of it's debut.
So I don't know if I had mentioned it before but i have not taken the train since I was a kid, so I was going a bit camera happy with in on the ride. Below is a picture of the famous L.A. Union train station, although this picture does no justice to the real place, as it is decked out in Art decoish style.
I was extremely excited as I had plenty room to move about and my views were coastal for quite a while. The train ride was a good 11 hours but can I just say that this was most enjoyable, better than a 1 hour flight anywhere!
The food was actually quite good. I had the Spicy Black Bean Veggie burger, it was yummy : )
As we were almost approaching my destination I had dinner and this was probably my favorite, it was some type of pasta with mushrooms in a rich cream sauce and of course, with some white wine.
Below is the only good picture I could get of that impossible cob web. The only semi good one and this kid is in the picture! I just loved it out here, Muir Woods anyone?
So, I did and went to a lot more places but didn't really have the time to snap that what happens when you are having too good of time that you don't care to reach for the camera anymore? Well, I think that says it all then : )
Below is a picture of my last day at the train station heading home, I was pretty bummed out and not ready to come back yet, but this adorable cat definitely cheered me up. He was like a little baby, reaching out to you to be picked up, no joke.And here are a few gloomy shots of my departure with some neato Carnival happenings.
And as promised the debut of my dress. Not the most professional of my pictures but I went out dancing with some friends for my pre B-day celebration and thought what better than to wear it then?
Yes, I was enjoying the tunes quite well, my hair had a good time too.
I put the below shot, not to show what a drunkie I can be, but to show my favorite detail of the dress-side buttons! I really loved the way it turned out and fit like a glove. All in all very happy with my trip, my designs and birthday.
Now I'm off to finish working on my other design, I have taken into late night owling since I can. So I will continue with the music and the cutting and frustrations of the sewing machine. Oh and I am just itching to collaborate with others on something, anything! I have all the time in the world now and think it would be wonderful to get together with some of you and help each other with our designs...I'm ooozing with want and creativity! Please let me know if you have any ideas.