Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clara Clairvoyant

 Hello to all my lovely ladies!

I am very excited about what's been happening lately with my designs , it has been an absolute and wonderful time to be creative, I must say. The above design was to be a part of collaboration with an Artist friend of mine, I am to do a few pieces and he will put his magical artwork on them! But we decided instead of doing FULL pieces, I would do fronts only. Seeing that I had already made this one fully, I figured I would give you a sneeky peeky . I had originally wanted to do a Tragic/Romantic theme, with a lot of soft ruffled laces and rough fabrics, to give it the ultimate contrast. Here I go again with my OBSESSION of Picnic at Hanging Rock, always trying to build around that wonderful , haunting, spectacular movie!
Oh and I was super excited to get my very first sew on labels for my line! Yes, Crusheleptic is working hard on getting all designs out there to you.

 Above is a beautiful Summer Smocked dress I made a few days ago. I love smocking, it's fun for every type of size out there and definitely speaks 70's to me. I can't decide whether to add lining to it or let it stand in it's sheer, literally, presence...What do you think? I like light weight flowy fabrics, but some might not be brave enough to wear it without lining...so, do give me your opinion!Oh, and  this design is saturated with Nikki Sudden  , so her name is "String of Pearls"
This half way dress, is actually not done-obviously. It's a really cute mini dress, well on me it's sort of mini. I wanted to mix some of my favorite prints together, def boho inspired. I am having a hell of a time with the sleeves though, that sharp angle is sooo hard to sew! I have the other sleeve left and it's ready to go in my shop. My music soundtrack for this dress was a mix of Donovan and mando Diao...I decided to call her " Alcoholic Artist" once she's all done some fun photographs to follow with the story behind it.

My last new design to show you is the cutest Reversible Bolero Shrug. Yes, you get 2 for the price of one. I think these jewel toned colors are perfect for fall. My phone camera is not the best, so the colors don't come through so well in these pictures, but once I, or someone else, can model this, you will be able to see how rich and beautiful the colors and fabric are.

This picture was supposed to be at the very top with the "Picninc at Hanging Rock" inspired design, but it went out of order and I don't feel like messing with the settings right now. But yeah, basically a front view of the dress. Perhaps this one will go in my shop too, once it's been in my friend's Art Show. I actually might be wearing it the night of...we'll see. I'll def have pics when it takes place though.

One more thing I did forget to mention, I will be working on some custom trousers and button up shirts for my friend, who is very much into the whole "Mod" scene! So excited about that! I will have pictures up when I'm finished with those too, although something tells me I will have a bit more problems executing those than my regular dresses.

Until then!
Much Love to everyone.


  1. Yay, I love to see your creativity at work! And I love the shrug especially.

  2. Wonderful! I just love your designs. They are exactly they style that I adore. Once I'm back in the world of the employed I hope to purchase my very own.
    I also love Picnic at Hanging Rock! So spectacularly spooky in it's slow haunting way. I'm generally drawn to a more hippie/boho look, but lately I've been trying to incorporate some Victorian-like pieces into my wardrobe. This movie is definitely an inspiration. Looking forward to all you have ahead!

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments!
    I just finished the "difficult" sharp angled one last night and started right away on this exciting new one! Can't wait to show everyone once it is done : )

  4. i loved that dress with the ruffle! :) it reminds me a bit of one of teh dresses worn in the film bright star... i think i like yours a little more though.:)