Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lightning strikes again and again

Maybe I'm not used to this type of weather or I may be an all around scary cat but the last few days have been nothing but thunder and lightning . It's not just any old thunder either, it's the kind that shakes your bed and makes you feel for sure the next lightning bolt will hit your house.
That said, I haven't been able to take new pictures of my latest 3 designs :( so Keith and I got a bit more creative indoors and began taking pictures, maybe under some alcohol influence, just for fun. Nothing to do with anything really ,except having a good time together and coming up with silly ideas.
Tomorrow looks more promising, so I might get a chance to share these new dresses with you .
I'm off to go watch movies in bed and be lazy all day with Keith :) and perhaps talk about taking a trip to Chicago and New Orleans in the near future.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A day in the life of a small town

I notice that I work tirelessly more when it's hot and sunny then I do gloomy and cold, which makes sense but my overall productivity is really dictated by the weather. I will sit and sew until I can't anymore while I'm drenched in sweat and have nothing but the ceiling fan on. So I'm excited to show you my latest designs! I think both styles are perfect for this weather, perhaps one during the day and one on a lovely Summer night. I will have more pictures available on my etsy shop soon.

Living in Missouri now, I expect this Summer to be quite different from my L.A. heat. The bugs have already come out to terrorize me and I can't seem to keep them from buzzing around me as soon as I step out, thankfully we are not into the full humidity yet, as I am told "this ain't nothin girl" . Nonetheless, I want to plant flowers and fill up the whole house with Greeen, Green plants!

So with this beautiful weather Keith and I have gone out into town more, shopping and eating at the historic downtown area. It's so small but it's definitely an area worth exploring. We've also been taking strolls by the lake on the other side of town from us, it's been so fun and exciting for us. I have also found we have a variety of flowers and plants blooming around our neighborhood, one in particular a green onion right outside our back yard!

I'm sooo excited for many things and cannot wait to share my other new designs I have yet to post. Happy Day everyone!