Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lightning strikes again and again

Maybe I'm not used to this type of weather or I may be an all around scary cat but the last few days have been nothing but thunder and lightning . It's not just any old thunder either, it's the kind that shakes your bed and makes you feel for sure the next lightning bolt will hit your house.
That said, I haven't been able to take new pictures of my latest 3 designs :( so Keith and I got a bit more creative indoors and began taking pictures, maybe under some alcohol influence, just for fun. Nothing to do with anything really ,except having a good time together and coming up with silly ideas.
Tomorrow looks more promising, so I might get a chance to share these new dresses with you .
I'm off to go watch movies in bed and be lazy all day with Keith :) and perhaps talk about taking a trip to Chicago and New Orleans in the near future.

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