Saturday, May 5, 2012

Springtime Love

How amazing is this weather lately?! Well, at least for those of you who relish in the hot heat ...I just love it!

With that, I feel a lot more motivated and my favorite part? Making new Summer dresses! I usually make just one design and don't take advantage of making more with different prints but this time I have 2 new favorite patterns that I'm so excited to sew up in different fabrics cos they are just too cute!
I have some pictures of these 2 dresses I'm talking about, along with some fun leggings I made .
Did I mention it's raining turtles out here? I have never had the pleasure of seeing turtles just by the road or along my back yard so I got a bit excited when I spotted my first 2 turtles. They're awfully cute but I could never have them as pets, they're a bit smelly and ,well ,kind of boring. I'm more of a cat girl, to which I'm still trying to get out here but it's proving almost impossible.
I sure hope this weather stays for a while, not too keen on thunder and lightning and the cold. I'm hoping that if it stays the way it is now ,I'll be able to sew more and keep searching for plants to decorate all around the house. I might be getting new fabric too! May not seem all that exciting but when you live in a small town where the only store is Walmart , it's quite exciting to find a fabric store with vintage fabric.
I'm off to watch Lost, I suddenly got into this show , I had always thought unworthy of watching. Thanks to boyfriend I'm on a Lost binge now.

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