Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Breeze

I told you this weather inspires me! I made 2 more dreamy, summer dresses and a crop top, soon to be added to my shop.
I'm so excited to hunt for more fabric and wear my designs out.
Here are a few pictures, though I haven't properly taken pictures of them, I think you get the idea.
They are fun and comfortable halter tie dresses, so easy to wear and feels great on, trust me, with this heat rolling in these are refreshing and stylish to have on.
I'm going to celebrate by making brownies with some strawberries on the side :) beautiful day !


  1. yayay! You're back, I'm excited to see what you got in store! These images are quite dreamy indeed.

  2. Thank you Milla! Yes, I'm back, a bit hard getting back into blogging but I'm trying. Btw, read your post about your new shop ! Congrats! So excited for you :) keep posting, they really get my day going :) xoxo

  3. '...submerge yourself in Me in life
    and you will be engulfed in Me in death'