Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hearts, New Dress and a lost turtle

It's funny to see how much I rely on these funny little apps, I used to swear up and down I would never ever be that girl. Well, here I am, excited that a new feature effect has been added .
So excuse me if you see all my pictures, for a while ,adorned with them, they just make me feel happy.

I'm used to working off my mannequin or directly from patterns to make my clothes, wrong measurements and wasting fabric have kept me from venturing further. Since my mannequin is in LA and I don't have many patterns left, I decided to manipulate patterns and add some creativity into the making. So I was relieved when this dress , though simple,literally fit me like a glove! Sometimes not having the right tools help you discover clever and fun ways to go about it instead.
Much hard work and fun lay ahead for me but I'm really appreciative of this free time I have to make things.

Is anyone else out there having heaping amounts of turtles all over the place? I find out every time we take a drive or stroll, some poor turtle has lost its way. They are so cute to see , hopefully they all make it back to their homes safely :)
Still have not gone to new fabric store, where I have been told many treasures await me, but when I do I will be surely making an insane amount of tops and dresses, hmmm maybe skirts too!
It's been a very fun day , now a cup of tea and Jim Henson's "The Storyteller" will be a great way to see me off into the night.

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