Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a Macrame World!

Okay, so maybe it is for me at least. You know when you always want to do/learn something but put it off for no real good reason? Well, case being with Macrame plant holders for myself. Everytime I would see it in a house or pictures from the 70's I would tell myself "yes! exactly how I would adorn my house, full of plants and sweet sweet macrame" . I would go to thrift stores hoping to find some but never came across any but didn't dare to think I could learn to just make it myself, until now.
I had always just assumed you needed  great tieing and knot knowledge and other such complicated tools BUT you DON'T! It's surprisingly easy and fun. I mean, this is the basic 10 knot plant holder but it works beautifully nonetheless and I'm hooked!

I even improvised and took out some old wooden plain beads I normally use for my doll heads and painted them, and added to my hangers for a bit more decoration. Now I have Ivy, Mariglod and other plant types hanging outside and inside my house and all done in just 2 days. I took two days because I went out and bought some of these plants and some hemp cording, fortunately I had a necklace and bracelet set with copper rings that I took apart to use for of the  rings to hang from, that's all you really need.

I had also started to plant my favorite flowers, ranunculus, but without any idea squrrels would be digging up the bulbs ,thinking there are nuts in there. Everyday I kept trying to put the bulbs back in, hoping they would eventually stop but the pesky things kept at it, so I put a plant macrame holder over the pot and alas it has been left alone and they are finally starting to grow!
Not sure If I had mentioned before that I was going to be getting a cat but suddenly the owner changed her mind , I was heart broken...I had went out and bought everything from toys to cat litter and food and even a little play tent only to take it all back. However, after all that sad news about a week ago we were driving and stopped by the local Vet Clinic and through the window saw someone posted they had kittens to give away, and yes, I went to look at them and they were perfectly beautiful! They were only 2 weeks old, so I'll have to wait a few more weeks to get them, but I will be getting 2, a brother and sister with thee most fantastic black tyger stripes! Just as I am dancing with joy and talking non stop about getting kittens, this Momma cat outside our back porch is mewoing. I don't know if she is feral or the neighbors cat, but she came right over to me and was starving for affection. She even tried coming into my house, but I'm careful about fleas and ticks and other such things that could possibly be brought indoors. I have enough trouble keeping out all sorts of spiders and mosquitos trying to come in with this humid lake weather. I have been without cats for such a long time and being a total Cat lover this has been hard for me.
So , I'm just a very happy girl at the moment. New kitties and macramé , I'll have to celebrate with some raspberry tea cookies and by painting my nails a fun new color :)
Hope to read some new posts from my favorite people out there!


  1. new kittens, what joy! and your macrame looks great!

    1. Thank you! They are so loving and a real joy to have :)

  2. Oh la la! I'm so with you girl. Missa gave me a macrame hanger and another little hanging pot and now I'm planning to make merry with them and adorn my home. You should totally do a tutorial on how to make them, I'd love it! Also, Yeyaya! for kittens, I'm getting one too once I convince hub. Lots of lovin' good vibes to you girl. Keep on postin'!

    1. Oh that sounds like a good idea! Think im too shy to make a tutorial, maybe when I'm a bit more experienced though :)
      New kittie post coming soon! I hope you convince your hubby, my beau didn't care for cats but is now crazy in love with them!
      Lots of love your way Milla!