Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Kittens and Lot's of Love

I have to warn you about this post, if you are not into cats, kittens or cuteness then this is not for you. Those who love these little felines as much as I do, I think you will be pleased and should proceed.
Like I said in my last post, I have been without cats for quite sometime, since I was 18 ,when I moved out and went on my own .Other than that, I have had cats all my life, since I was a wee baby. I supposedly befriended and tamed the meanest cat of them all. The Black cat , who, for silly supersticious reasons, people would usually avoid and fear.
 There is just this gentle connection I have had all my life with these furballs, I just can't understand people who are not into them...we can't be friends if you aren't into them, j/k but I have been known to convert non cat lovers into big time lovers. For example ,my hunny didn't think he cared for them, now he's crazy for them. Well who wouldn't be? Really.

Why is it that dogs make me oh so nervous? I used to have dreams of being chased by them and then there's also that chance that they can attack you viciously. But I love all animals and I'm not here to say which ones are better, just saying which ones I connect with more.
 When I moved out to Missouri I had decided it was time to finally get a cat. When I had found a cat to adopt by a local family, they suddenly changed their minds and my heart was broken. Then out of the blue I saw an ad for kittens needing a new home, tried not to get too excited cos I didn't want to end up being dissapointed all over again. It seemed like an eternity to wait for them, but they're here now and I could not be happier. Not only did we get 2 but I was even more happy to be able to have a brother and sister together in a new loving home. Our home!
Okay, enough of my endless blubbering, because I could really go on FOREVER but I'll spare you, and simply post pictures and let them speak for themselves.
Oh yeah,  That's  "Bruja" above and "Papas" below

It's Kitty heaven over here!


  1. oh yes, having kitties is heaven alright.

    i am soooo with you about that special connection with cats. a lot of people have been brought up thinking they are "allergic" (my husband) but it is very easy to acclimate to cats and they are so clean that it takes no time at all to get over the allergies. my husband is a diehard cat lover now for years. my sister did the same thing to her husband and now he thanks her for it as one of the most important things she ever did for him.

    now as i'm about to have a baby i am just so concerned about keeping the dynamic with cats/humans happy and peaceful!

    have fun with your gorgeous new friends! i love their names.

    1. Thank you!!! It truly is such a great feeling of love around the house with these silly kitties running around everywhere.
      I'm so happy you are just as crazy about cats as me, who wouldn't ? C'mon! They're the best ever!

    2. Omg! And yayyyy to having a baby! Congrats on that! I am sure your cats will Love your new bundle of joy, you shouldn't have much problems . How exciting for you !

  2. When I was a teenager, I found a little of abandoned kittens under my parents' air conditioning unit. The littlest, tail-less black one was my favorite, and I named her Niña Bruja!