Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring is in!

Hello! And what another beautiful, warm, pleasant day we are having here. So much that I have had breakfast outside and have been here since, well I did a little cleaning and showered but you get the idea.
Keith and I spent the entire night last night, outside drinking el Vino and chatting, though I'm usually a scardy cat when it get's dark out here, I felt perfectly fine, nevermind the huge unseen bugs that would fly past my hair. It was all too perfect and nothing was to spoil it.

While in VA I found some great items, such as this ditsy floral 70's print. I plan to make a beautiful summer dress out of it. Returning home, i found a belt and a pair of earrings from the 50's!

And this, my Winter doll...
 And some unfinished watercolor

Everywhere around flowers are springing up, YAAY!
I hear it get's super green out here, I can't wait for that! And i can't wait to go buy plants to hang all around the outside and inside of our house. I grew up with plenty of greens as a child, my  mother adores plants and would always get mad at us kids when we would pinch the leaves

or hurt them in anyway. I guess now I'm just like her.
 Although I do love flowers, I may stay away from planting them around our yard, I get nervous around bees. I think they are beautiful but have had one too many stings to sit comfortablly around them.
For the rest of the day I think I'll watercolor some more and maybe sew up a new dress. Here I go!

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