Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ballroom of Mars

High time I got back on here. What's happened?A lot of good and bad but that's everyone's story. I moved into a Rad Victorian house, I have been making mettalic leggings and I have had boy problems. Take it with a grain of salt right?
 Instead of ranting about the awful and dispicable things or trying to offer explanations as to why the universe decides to change my life constantly, thought I would just fill this post with pictures of all my new designs. Nothing new to some of you who are FB friends. So here it is

I made all the tops and pants , plus on the last pic with the embroidered mesh flounce top, I made this Suede skirt but you can't really see it , guess I will have to do another shoot for that. I'm not stopping there, I have more coming . I have also sold 2 of my designs! yay!!! Will post pics of that soon too. Very encouraging. I forgot to mention that my Rad friend Emily modeled with me on this Joshua Tree Shoot, It's nice to see other people wearing your designs.
Much Love to you all.


  1. i love all of it!! will it be on etsy??

  2. Yay! Glad you like, and yes, will have up on my shop soon!

  3. oooh, all look like desert jewels.
    loving the sort of missoni-ish leggings :)

  4. Oh I'm glad you're back! I don't know how I missed this! Tell us more about the haps, girl.

  5. oh my lord the new stuff is awesome! perfect shoot location too! xo

  6. Love this! Great designs and colours!

    PS. I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned you in a recent blog post of mine.

  7. Gigi, thank you so much for your lovely compliments, I am so glad you like my designs! I need to update more, but sometimes uploading photos can take a while or it's just pure laziness : ) I am extremely flattered you mentioned me in your post!
    I am working on more designs so hoopefully more posts will come through.
    : )

  8. You are really talented! Love the pants and the way you have captured these photos:)

    - Scarlett