Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Inspiration Information

So I have been doing a lot since I last posted here but I think so much that I haven't had the time to really sit still or I just haven't had  the patience to post. I put together a little collage of a tiny glimpse of what I would like to work with, design wise for this new year. Well, the Gold nail polish is really just my own personal indulgence but the rest are items I really want to incorporate into designs.

There's always been this ancient Egytptian lure for me and I thought why not be extravagant with some bold gold pieces? I'm thinking of emulating what looks like an elaborate gold necklace but is really on your top as a sort of mock turtleneck, or something or other. Embroidery, that's always been in my heart of love, but battenburg lace! Now that has recently seeped into my heart and I have ideas to use it! Seersucker, again this has always been on my list of favorites but it's so darn hard to find printed(not striped) fabric of this kind. I also would like to use more brocade trim, again that will be another novelty I will be using...I think I'm just feeling really regal this year : ) and lastly Suede, ahhhh its soft and incredibly nice to work with. I would like to ideally find some eyelet suede for some skirts.

On a more personal note, I spent Christmas and New Year's in the crazy snowed in East Coast for almost 2 weeks. Was a long time to be away from LA but it was so lovely to see my family. While i was at my mothers I went through some old pictures and felt so happy to find, what was to me, little treasures of a time that seemed so peaceful and magical, I guess that's what most childhoods feel like. That's me at my baptism w my Godparents-Mom's brother and sis.
Above is me(on the bench) w my sis. These pictures were taken in Guatemala, I lived there until I was 5. My sis is wearing one of the traditional indigenous outfits of the region my parents lived in at the time called "Tamau"

This I my amazing mom holding me when I was a baby. Seeing pictures of my mother in her younger years makes me realize how much alike we really are.

And this is how much snow was at my mom's! I definitely did not have the proper attire for this weather but I don't own any heavy coats or jackets. I did fail to mention the whole time I was there I was sick, first w a stomach flu then a cold-one that I still have right now and is taking a while to get over. It was fun and worth it. Now I begin the process of collecting my new ideas and putting them to work. Now, off to make some more hot tea :  )


  1. Oh I missed you! Happy New Year! I look forward seeing more of your beautiful pieces and what the year has in store for you. I can at least predict that there's a package in your future ;)
    Lots of love, blessings and safe travels.

    ps. I'm sooo very jealous of the snow you had. I want some, please.

  2. i feel ya with the egyptian lure, too. your shop is looking really beautiful! i love that cornflower dress, and the photos of it.

  3. Thank you lovely two-Milla and Sadie!Very excited to see what's in store too, I'm so energized and enthusiastic for this year! I will keep the updates and new designs coming!
    Much Love : )

  4. New follower here! I'm a sewer/freelance clothing designer, too and just had to tell you I loved your reversible crazy cute!
    Kristina J.

  5. i've been loving egyptian vibes, too....great minds ;) looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.
    happy new year!

  6. Kristina, it is sooo good to find people like you on here! I shall go and check out your designs now! So excited!!!