Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chasing a Feather in the wind...

This is what has been taking my extra time and keeping me from posting. Now, it's my very first attempt at making a video so there are parts that are some what repetitive but, well, at least you have an awesome tune playing while watching .
 My original idea was just shots of a lot of outfits , but as luck would have it, half the viedo went bad due to the tape I was using , it was very old. So I lost some outfits and this is why you see more fillers,wind blowing, me just walking, etc.,  hehehe.
I learned a lot though, something I normally  never thought i would have the patience for actually. I learned how to edit, add tracks, cut scenes and glue it all together, basically.
My Scott, of course, shot the whole thing for me and with his experienced self at making films did a beautiful job, so Thanks Scroopies!!!
 Hope you all enjoy this and if you are satisfied towards the end, good news: I plan on making better and more interesting ones! Those of you who might not of liked it all too much, it's okay, I will do normal postings of my regular stills : ) So Without further delay...

Crusheleptic in Chumash Park from Crusheleptic on Vimeo.


  1. erthgeovnepgje! the vid is great! bravo! :) and what a perfect song- i haven't heard that in a while and i almost died when he sang the chorus... oh he still makes me swoOoOon...

    great post! :)

  2. you totally made a film. that kind of blows my mind.
    so many lovely outfits, and such a beautiful setting. great job!

  3. Thanks again...I'm so glad you liked the outfits and settings, even if I lost a lot of my original footage. It was my first attempt, but they will get better-promise that ; )

  4. Oh my gosh! Beautiful! What camera did Scott use? (Nerd-alert, I'm in the process of acquiring some equipment.)

  5. Milla, you are too funny! Haha, it definitely must be a "nerd alret" since I asked Scott to tell me what kind of camera it was and it sounded terribly confusing and alien to me. It's a mid-range panasonic 3 ccd or "3 chip" dv camera. Ermmm...hope you understand that cos I certainly don't!
    Thanks for the compliment and hope to see whatever you are up to with a camera, can't wait!
    : )