Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flower Power

Hello! This weekend has been one of the best and most inspirational moments I have had in a long time, and dangerous as well(more about that on the next Post! I was nearly swept into the thunderous ocean!) .
Went out with my fantastic friend to snap photographs and capture the thrilling beauty of nature. Is it not wonderful how simple flowers can suddenly just make you smile and giggle like a little girl again?

Our friends the Bees , Ants and Slugs were all there to celebrate the splendor of these lovely flowers too. Everything around was alive and I couldn't help but take a million pictures. It's high time I stop talkig sooo much about making new dresses, I just need to make them and I think this little outing gave me all the right spirits to really begin the process.

Remember Alice in Wonderland when she Lays in that beautiful field of flowers and takes a nap? Ever since I saw that, I always felt the urge to do just that but one look of a bee or creepy crawly and I would get too squeamish...well, not this day. I thoughroughly enjoyed everything around, including the busy bees buzzing around my head. BzzzBzzz was actually soothing to hear them close by. All the hard working female bees collecting all that pollen to take back to their Queen Bee.
Oh yeah, I bught a new Gunne Sax too! Here I am  dancing around in it below. I was able to talk this lady down from $35 to $25, it was a great find at a flea market.I couldn't pass it up, it was actually long enough for me! Since I am quite a tall girl, the maxi dresses aren't even long enough on me ,so this was an awesome find,-to actually have it drag on the floor. 
I am going to open up my Etsy shop full of blooming dresses and I cannot wait for someone out there, maybe you , who is reading my blog for the first time, to buy my designs. Whatever the outcome is, I feel excited and liberated! Things are constantly changing everyday and the opportunity to fullfill these dreams I have harbored for such a long time, might become a reality soon. Also, look out for my Illustrated short story! So much , much more ahead...stay tuned.


  1. aaAaAAh! you're finally smiling with your teeth! :) you look so happy in these pics! i'm excited for you!!!! :)

  2. oh my gosh i LOVE that dress!!! such a score - you look great in it.

  3. Gorgeous photos! (Should I check the gunne mailbox, haha)
    I cannot wait to see the dresses in your shop!

  4. Ha! I did want to send the gunne blog some pics but I got terribly shy and felt I would be hogging up the space! hee-hee...but I will send one or two in if you would like, for sure!
    : )