Friday, February 3, 2012

Wintertime winds

I had decided last night that I would go out the next day and take fun filled pictures to give you an intimate look at my world.
Of course it rained, no problem I thought, a little rain never hurt anyone. Yeah, it started to pour then lighting came into the picture. Still I thought no use in going back home empty handed.
There's a pink house, beautiful and somewhat nauseating at the same time that I had been wanting to photograph for a while. No one lives there but it's pretty well maintained. I also kept passing by this small creepy little cemetery but the shots didn't come out as great ,as it had began to rain even harder the minute I stepped out to take a picture.
Still I had managed to take some nice stills the day before, it's these colors contrasting that instill a calmness in me and inspire me to come up with more designs.
I have yet to find a good art store here, I need some good quality water color paper. I think I might fill my sewing/ art room with my paintings , as opposed to "fashion" pics. I don't know why but I have never followed or been much interested in the fashion world, meaning buying vogue or checking out the latest Gucci design, what am I missing here? I feel at times like I'm not into it as much as these other girls, like they know more about it than I do yet it seems its my job to know?
I always used to get a bit shy when this crowd of fashionistas used to chatter about the latest trends and who's in what ,and what's out. I had no idea , it never crossed my mind to really care. I think that's where my discomfort came into play when I was working in the business, I didn't have the care or drive to research what was happening.
I was perfectly content with finding random inspiration from movies, music,colors from different leaves and plants,embroidery work ,or looking at an old painting. And now reading through certain blogs. I still am finding pleasures from all those things and will continue to work with them.
I cannot wait for spring, I want plants surrounding this whole house, even bought some macramé holders to put the plants in. I might also try and plant some cactus and my favorite flower,the ranunculus. In the meantime I'll enjoy the cold and indulge in warm cozy sweaters and hot tea.

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